there's something about the 
beginning of fall 
that makes you want to revamp
 your look.

 i spent many a night flipping frantically through
teen vogue making BIG plans about the upcoming school year --

i had the same feeling when richard forwarded me
 a look 
she thought would suit me - 

i was thinking more along the lines of this:

 i wish i could go 
and get my hair "done" every week.
you know, all set up in rollers --
if only i had 
or a javier
 around the corner

but if i really had my way i'd look like:

1 & 2. kate moss
3. katherine ross
4. eva green
5. jean seburg
6. signora antonella agnelli, vogue 1966
7. jane birkin
8. charlotte rampling
9. audrey tatou
10. olatz schnabel


mrs. richard watson said...

little lady, YOU are one of the great beauties of our time. if i had my way, i'd look just. like. you.

JM said...

I second that mrs. richard watson...KC, you always stun....

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