jason fulford

if you see something so completely unremarkable, 
it’s heartbreaking. 
i don’t know why. 
if you see something so totally ridiculous and straightforward, 
it’s also heartbreaking. 
it gives you this weird feeling where your eyes swell up 
and you can’t decide whether to laugh or cry."
-jason fulford, 2005

i know what you mean jason.


photographer jason fulford is the co-author (with leanne shapton
of "dancing pictures"
which depicts people getting down to their favorite songs

his new book

"the mushroom collector(coming out in october)
will be a good one for my 3 year-old mushroom-obsessed 
(yet also horrified)
it's a combination of anonymous flea market photos
(of mushrooms) that "got stuck in his mind and began to grow"
& his own images.

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KDC said...

I also know what you mean , Jason.

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