dry dock

i need to stay on course, but my mind wanders (always a problem with me). what's occupying my mind at the moment? our trim little sailboat the Frigate and the fact that i haven't set foot on it all summer. granted, things have been 
a little
for me, 
but not once
and it's september already. 
maybe this labor day 

{photo by tim walker}

speaking of boats, boy, do i wish my 13-year old son was 5 again. i would love to use this wallpaper (below) by Otto in his room.

fine little day

oh wait. he already has age-innapropriate sailboat wallpaper in his room. does the Ramones poster edge things up a bit? 

{loudon's room september 2010}

{close up of wallpaper & hedwig the clock}

maybe i should change his wallpaper out for something more sophisticated-nautical. something like this:

{"sunshine" wallpaper by lulu dk}

now that i notice it, good sport loudon actually has a lot of nautical ephemera in his room.
for example:

a print bought at the jayson home & garden warehouse sale

a diorama of the HMS Bounty

a close up of the Bounty

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