bed head

when i'm feeling overwhelmed 
(or sometimes even if it's a little bit rainy)
i take to my bed. 
yesterday, i took to my bed. 

apparently, in irish culture, this is happens all the time
the playwright brendan behan's grandmother took to her bed for three whole years -- running the house from her four-poster bed, dressing for visitors, ordering in from the local pub -- 
and then, one day, just got up 
without excuse or explanation.  

and then there's brian wilson. 
and john & yoko. 

and my own phyllis prout -- forever looking spectacular in 
her wrapper (her words) -- 
she always had a place for me in the 
big bed 
piled with 
magazines & books & cigarettes 
and her old green phone.

maybe (like my pal stevie) i should bring back the bed jacket --
 at least i'll have a little glamour with 
my bed head.

or maybe not...

 "as children we 
every one of us,
 pretended the bed was a boat; 
so now, 
when we are so 
and persistently
 and daily 
at sea, 
why not seek 

charlotte rampling:juergen teller
john & yoko: nico koster
renata boeck: slim aarons
audrey hepburn: everett collection/rex features
marilyn monroe: unknown

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Stevie said...

My favorite post (which, of course, I'm reading from my bed)

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