sometimes - lots of times - life is weird.
as i was debating on how, just exactly, i was going to go about tackling the gargantuan task of cataloging all of my post-it flagged-dog-eared magazines (should i, for example, start chronologically? by title? by favorite?) i decided i would just pick the first one on top of the most teetering stack. and wouldn't you know it, the first article i came to was right up my nautical (see last few posts) alley. it was a H & G article from the Dec./07 issue profiling decorator and shop owner david cafiero (don't you remember chloe sevigny's great apartment in H & G Jan./07? - his). he says, and i quote, "boat parts, ship wheels, propeller gears and nautical rails, give a room a masculine edge". 
Salesmanship, ahoy!

the store:

his interiors:

chloe sevigny's fab apartment

the "other house" 
(i'm not sure what that means, but i love it!):

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