le jeu sont fait

even though i've been kicked out of my bridge group
(oh, admit it peacock)
i really do love a good game of cards
(mondays are just too hard for me, frances)

my card game of choice:
 euchre --
you don't have to think as hard 
and drinking actually helps your game.

i was inspired by an article i found in the 
ss/'08 vogue living entitled
"winning hands" --
it's a piece on the timeless appeal of the
well-hosted card party.

i think i'll have one.

here are the essentials:
1&2: must haves: gummi bears and marcona almonds; 3: tiffany playing cards (can be conveniently monogrammed for a handy hostess gift); 4&5: bacon wrapped anything & playing cards from hermés 6&7: you might as well tell it like it is - "here comes trouble" invitations & image from kate spade8: giraffe swizzle sticks; 9&10: inspirational coasters and stylish notepads to keep score; 11: a polaroid camera to document the winners (& the losers); 12&13: ready-made gimlets (for the lazy man) & my favorite game drink--the jack & ginger14: a beautiful game table


by the way, 
both the 1948 & 1969 editions of 
devoted dozens of pages to good sportsmanship 
among players, codes of behavior for bluffing 
& best of all, winning well --
"sulking,  cursing your luck, or slamming 
your cards on the table is inexcusable" 
-- that means you t-brain.

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