the right glass

it's too bad i'm not
thanksgiving dinner
this year --

my new wine glasses just arrived from
and i couldn't be more thrilled
with them.

they're just the right size
being hand-blown,
each one is just a little bit
different from the next.

just like my ice,
(small cubes, please)

i'm very particular about which glass i use
for any given drink.

i prefer
saucers to flutes

for the hard stuff

feels the best

(although, for some reason, i always have the urge to throw it at the fireplace)

for an aperitif or after-dinner drink,
i particularly love the
tiny glasses
 el jeffe and i
got as a wedding present

and for a gimlet 
(of course for you, moor) 
our "star" glasses are the best --
another favorite
wedding present

for the everyday
everything in-between
my all-time 
favorite glassware is from

the glass is ultra-thin 
 juice glass to highball,
i think they're perfect.

has a less expensive version,
but they're heavier and
 don't have the same 


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