lagniappe No.11

well. it's official.
mom & b. are moving.
i'll miss you 

all that is gold
does not glitter,
not all those 
who wander
are lost.
--j.r.r. tolkien

wander in style...

4: dell'ga via j.crew
5: louis vuitton for darjeeling limited


port o' call

st germans, cornwall
is the kind of place you want to be in the fall.

with 100 rooms and only 11 radiators 
there's no pretending.

you just have to get out the hard stuff & the blankets
and settle in to make a fire...

  peregrine eliot, 10th earl of st germans 
& his wife catherine 

(perhaps looking for firewood)

 vogue living 2007
henry bourne: london telegraph

lagniappe No.10

tavi gevinson
"batman capes and oversized hats".
she was the star of fashion week.
is a sensation & the new yorker
just did an 8-page interview with her.
she's 13.


fall fast forward

while everyone else goes on and on about the loveliness
of fall --
(richard are you making your voyage to see 
the "colors" again this year?)

my instinct is to run --

you can keep your cable-knit sweaters & crisp air.

i'm going to where it's always warm

to a little town called hopewell

and a little place called round hill

time to book the flights

1. tim walker, iris palmer and her suitcases, london, 1997, italian vogue
2. adele astaire at round hill
3-6. round hill, jamaica
7-8. our map & kids by el jeffe

welcome to the dahl house

a few years ago i got into a conversation about
roald dahl with a man who thought he knew a thing or two --

he told me he wouldn't let his children read dahl's books and  
went on to make disparaging remarks about him.

well, not only did i not want to have
 THAT conversation 
with him
but i never wanted to have another conversation or
see him again for the rest of my life.

that's how much i adore roald dahl.

is mr. dahl's birthday month 
just did a spread on his beautiful little 
writing hut 

it seems that his talent trickled down to his granddaughter
sophie dahl --
i just picked up her cookbook
and can't wait to try out the recipes

& i l-o-v-e her kitchen...


take the money and run

louisehe'd have the gang 
over for a meeting 
and I'd put out a little tray 
of pretzels and bullets...
 i had to --
 he's my husband. 

bank teller #1: oh, i see. this is a holdup? 

i think i'll pick up one of these burglary kits for
 el jeffe when we're in new york. it's always good to have one handy.
you never know.

some other essentials i'd like to pick up at

is not only a wonderful storefront i'd like to visit,
but is also the brains behind
some of my favorite ad campaigns:


from the incorruptible green of the camphor tree
two notes, an interval of a major third.
the cuckoo, not the screech owl, i told you;
but in the meantime,
with a jerk,
you had jammed down the accelerator.
--eugenio montale


there's something about the 
beginning of fall 
that makes you want to revamp
 your look.

 i spent many a night flipping frantically through
teen vogue making BIG plans about the upcoming school year --

i had the same feeling when richard forwarded me
 a look 
she thought would suit me - 

i was thinking more along the lines of this:

 i wish i could go 
and get my hair "done" every week.
you know, all set up in rollers --
if only i had 
or a javier
 around the corner

but if i really had my way i'd look like:

1 & 2. kate moss
3. katherine ross
4. eva green
5. jean seburg
6. signora antonella agnelli, vogue 1966
7. jane birkin
8. charlotte rampling
9. audrey tatou
10. olatz schnabel