bunny hutch

well, it was a beautiful day - warm, clear, fair winds - perfect for sailing. now was my chance to climb aboard our newly spiffed-up (thank you richard) sailboat, The Frigate. but the attitude around my house was more of a rainy day one - our captain el jeffe was tired and the children were not in the mood. plan A - run aground. plan B
the bunny hutch of course!

big chicken 

built in 1949, the bunny hutch (technically named novelty golf ) never fails to make my family smile. it's hard not to. with classic rock playing, large wacky fiberglass animals everywhere & a free ice cream cone with game, we were all happy by the end of 18 holes. i guess it's not so bad to go off course after all...

the restaurant

el jeffe




Where is the bunny hutch?
I like the pictures - they look very '70's.

suzy said...

you're welcome. we'll get your feet off dry land soon, nothing beats early-fall sailing. xx

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