take the money and run

louisehe'd have the gang 
over for a meeting 
and I'd put out a little tray 
of pretzels and bullets...
 i had to --
 he's my husband. 

bank teller #1: oh, i see. this is a holdup? 

i think i'll pick up one of these burglary kits for
 el jeffe when we're in new york. it's always good to have one handy.
you never know.

some other essentials i'd like to pick up at

is not only a wonderful storefront i'd like to visit,
but is also the brains behind
some of my favorite ad campaigns:

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Victor said...

I'd really like it if you'd buy me their checker set. Just something for you to think about. No pressure. My 40th birthday is still 6 months away.

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