welcome to the dahl house

a few years ago i got into a conversation about
roald dahl with a man who thought he knew a thing or two --

he told me he wouldn't let his children read dahl's books and  
went on to make disparaging remarks about him.

well, not only did i not want to have
 THAT conversation 
with him
but i never wanted to have another conversation or
see him again for the rest of my life.

that's how much i adore roald dahl.

is mr. dahl's birthday month 
just did a spread on his beautiful little 
writing hut 

it seems that his talent trickled down to his granddaughter
sophie dahl --
i just picked up her cookbook
and can't wait to try out the recipes

& i l-o-v-e her kitchen...


KDC said...

love love love your blog and you! I read every day and look forward to the lagniappe. Always give me somthing to reflect on or research more. Miss Dahl's cookbook looks delightful.

Nadja said...

I don't know if you know this, but Sophie Dahl is a plus size model in the UK. She's gorgeous and voluptuous. Also there is a new biography of Roald called "Storyteller." Heard the author on NPR.

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