gone baby gone

where have i been
(well i know, but that's a topic for another log). 
takashimaya nyc -- gone??
i was just finishing documenting my jun/01 H&G and came
 across some bamboo-handled spoons that i tagged. 
it has been nine years, but i thought i would look-up
my favorite mini department store and browse around.
closed. closed.
oh that makes me sad. all the beautiful flowers & beauty 
products (remember the kanebo t-brain?)
& the tea box & the baby clothes!
it will be sorely missed.
also i realize i haven't been to nyc 
in a long time. that needs to change.
maybe i'll go to paris instead 
and visit merci.


tracyg said...

i am so glad you mentioned merci...i truly think that alone requires a trip to the city of lights

kklarsen said...

this looks like my car on the way back to CT! now where can I find room to put the kayak & hockey bag?

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