i know christmas is 
long way



the family is exchanging
this year

i'm just saying...

yes jeffe, i still want it

this will spruce up my laptop

for my new bookshelves

so what if it's forty-three thousand dollars?

always in style

i think heat wave could be my new color

these things need to be recorded.

turkish hammam towels

i'd like a caftan of some sort


a turban


and i just love this...


mrs. richard watson said...

great minds think alike... i bought 2 tubes of heat wave as soon as i saw the jcrew show. (the 2nd is for a gift exchange @ chalk)

i haven't seen a terry turban since childhood. my idol, mrs. binyon, was rarely seen without a terry turban, a can of tab and a long slim cigarette. elegance defined in my early 80s mind. if you see a turban like that on the market, let me know. i think it is a must-do.

outstanding list.

Anonymous said...

I just want to know - did she SLEEP with the noble?
signed, Shelly Winters

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