barefoot in the park

i have a few movies that i put in the 

is on the top of that list.

it's romantic and funny and sweet --
and although it is robert redford & it is jane fonda, i can't help 
but think that the on-screen mr. & mrs. bratter are similar to 

el jeffe and me

when we were first married and living in 
our crazy apartment 
and off he went to work everyday in his cute suits
and i stayed home wandering around in his
wedding shirt...

Corie Bratter: Paul, I think I'm gonna be a lousy wife. 
But don't be angry with me. 
I love you very much - and I'm very sexy! 

i think i watch it tonight with 
my tumbler of wine...

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KDC said...

got me thinking of Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House with Cart Grant and Myrna Loy

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