right as rain

it's raining today.

 so i thought i take up the task at hand and
start sifting through what i refer to as "the stacks" here in my
 dining room.

 the first flagged page
 of the first magazine
i pick up 
is from the pages of vogue living spring/summer '08.
(oh how i miss you vogue living)

it's an article that caught my eye way-back-when about the reissue 
of edith warton's original book: 

written in 1904,
wharton "unlocks the gates to more than 75 gardens, from the
boboli's magisterial statuary to the spectacular loggia at
raphael's villa madama. throughout, she reveals her twin
obsessions: art & nature,formality & sensuousness " - megan o'grady
a color illustration from the book by maxfield parrish

the statuary at boboli
 & villa madama

i think i'll pick it up.

not only does it have a pretty cover,
but it looks perfect for 
rainy day 

(which i do way too often)



an odd coincidence to this rainy day research is 
that on the facing page of this article i see this:

i'm sure it didn't register at the time.

little did i know that i would become obsessed with 
colored grasscloth after seeing this picture in the
 jun'/10 elle decor:

i'm determined to put this navy version in my powder room...


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